Design & Development

Our strength lies in our designs. A cohesive team of designers led by Ms. Parul Kweera, a talented & experienced fashion designer, conceptualizes each garment with a unique flair while ensuring that every element of the process is thoroughly scrutinized pertaining to all facets of apparel manufacturing. Apart from offering exceptional design facilities to our esteemed clients, Sheen India Private Limited is also geared to offer a diverse range of services from conceptualization to development through our group of merchandisers and sample room technicians; using the latest technologies in the apparel industry. Our teams of resourceful development merchandisers take the process forward with the sourcing of materials for sample development, ensuring that the final product symbolizes the initial design concept.

In addition to the design and sample facilities, our vertically integrated printing, washing and embroidery plants ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible service, catering to their exact needs.

Our Design & Development Team constantly monitors global trends in relation to fashion wear and keeping abreast of all latest development in technology within the apparel industry. It is our integrated development process that drives greater efficiency and turnaround time in production - translating every piece of clothing into a masterpiece of fashion wear to fashion lovers worldwide.

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